Best Airport Hacks For Seniors

Best Airport Hacks For Seniors

Traveling is fun. In fact, one thing on the top of people’s list of the things to do when they reach 65 is travelling. Now that you are enjoying your golden years and you are traveling more than ever, you need to know how to save some money as you travel and how to get through the airports as quickly as possible. Here are some of the best airport hacks to try. Enroll in United Healthcare Medicare Advantage 2019 at

  1. Pack water bottle without water in it in your carry-on

Bottled water can cost you a lot of money at the airport. And there is no denying that you need to take plenty of water before boarding a plane and when you are on a plane to avoid any chance of dehydration. To avoid paying a lot of money for bottled water, which is usually overpriced at the airports, bring your own water bottle. You can wait until you are through the security checkpoint before filling in your bottle with water.

  • Put on more clothes in case your luggage is close to overweight

In case you are suspecting that your luggage is close to overweight when you are packing, pack any heavy item of clothing such as a sweatshirt and jacket in the front pocket of your bag. In case your bag is called out as overweight by the airline at the check-point, you can simply open your bag, take out the clothing and wear it. You can also use this tip if you are going back home from a destination and you have carried some extra souvenirs.

  • Carry on more items on your jacket

You can wear a large jacket with big pockets which you can fill with your stuff. After getting on the plane, you can the fold up your jacket and place it next to your carry-on bag in the overhead bin. Being a senior citizen, you should find this tip an easy one because as far as I know, older adults love to wear jackets. If you love taking photos as you travel, then you can buy a photography vest. Most of them usually have large pockets that are designed for lenses. You can use those pockets to carry on more stuff.

  • Carry a phone charger

A portable charger will come in handy when you are at the airport and you cannot find any free open outlet. At your age, you need your phone to have power at all times so that you can contact your loved ones and the concerned people in case of an emergency.