Kinesitherapy for Seniors

Kinesitherapy for Seniors

Kinesitherapy includes several techniques, each of which has its effect on the skeleton, individual organs and muscle groups of the elderly.

Therapeutic physical training (gymnastics)

This is the most famous part of kinesiotherapy in which specially selected exercises are performed under the supervision of an expert to relieve a number of diseases:

Restorative gymnastics

Effective for all internal diseases in the elderly. However, these are usually assigned to those who are not deprived of the ability to move.

Training on simulators

In every good boarding house for the elderly, there is a gym, equipped with all sorts of devices for training. Exercises on simulators are very useful. Some of these include treadmills, bicycles, and power shells. The training is conducted by expert instructors of movement therapy who are specially trained to work with the elderly.


For these exercises, some tools are used to help stretch along certain parts of the body. Most often, a ligamentous apparatus disease, osteochondrosis, are treated with an extrusion. Exercises can be performed not only in the gym but also in the pool. In water, they are especially effective because water relaxes the muscles more. Usually, stretching therapy is prescribed for a cervicothoracic form of osteochondrosis and sore back.


Useful for older people who find it tough to work certain muscles of their body – for example, after a stroke or injury of the limbs, or back. Special devices mechanically stretch sore muscles, but their design is such that the load is strictly metered, and the movements themselves are repeated many times.


A passive rehabilitation method, which includes manual techniques, hardware stimulation, and hydromassage.

It is used for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes for all diseases: osteochondrosis, muscle weakness, along with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and kidneys. Kinesitherapy is effective only when the needs and physical abilities of the elderly person are strictly taken into account, and therefore classes are held individually or in groups. If we talk about group classes, then they form mini-groups by age, general health, and based on recommendations on methods of rehabilitation. Advantage Policy for seniors:  The elderly who are over 65 & living in the USA can use Medicare supplement plans for covering copay and deductible.